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Panic Gate - Novel

Since the beginning of time, spiritual cults have been the center point of main stream religion. But when a couple of orphans tapped into the powers of the oldest cult in history, an entire town suffered from their actions.

Now, 30 years later, a survivor of an unspeakable tragedy must return to the scorched town of his youth to settle some old scores. Can Calvin Tanner put his old demons to rest, or will he pass on the hell of his childhood to a new group of young thrill seekers?

Panic Gate can also be found on Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

Final Solution - Novel

By Jason Michael Hiaeshutter

60 years ago, the ability to clone a human being was discovered. Now, an evil secret society is using that same technology for their own personal gain.

Join Devin Vaughn as he races against time to save his son from these madmen while his wife's dark past unfolds around him.

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ANDO YODO - Novelette

By Dirk W. Hughes
Ando Yodo is a corporal in the 9th Regiment of the Shanghai Expeditionary Force of the Imperial Army of Japan.  He has just killed 200 men…it took ten minutes.

A compelling story  through the eyes of a Japanese soldier during the 1937 Nanking Massacre.

Ando Yodo can be downloaded to your Kindle or iPod touch here.


The Evil We've Created - CD

By 19TilDawn
 The Evil We've Created is the new CD by the band 19TilDawn. Buy your copy today and unleash the evil that is lurking inside you. Buy your copy today. Visa/Master Card or paypal
You can also find us on iTunes and Amazon.

Track List:
1 Martyr To My Faith
2 Death's Embrace
3 Methodical Trigga Kay
4 Go Ahead And Go
5 Crazy Man
6 World Anew
7 Lurking Inside
8 The Last Day
9 The Evil We've Created

From The Files of the Fitzgerald Mental Institution - Short Story (series)

Here is some exciting news. Matchstick Entertainment is working together with SAH Studios on an upcoming gutter punk feature film called Seth and Tia. While the film is in production, Jason Michael Hiaeshutter has been commissioned in partnership with Seth and Tia creator Steven Hasse to write a series of prequal stories for some of the main characters from the film. These stories are available absolutely free on

Volume 1:
Contains the stories "Caged Animal" by Steve Hasse and "Family Matters" by Jason Michael Hiaeshutter

Caged Animal: The Story of Seth by Steve Hasse
A privileged rebel punk named Seth longs for greater things in life than fancy cars and big houses. What he longs for is the seedy underbelly of society, and to rub elbows with the "undesirable types" as opposed to those who fashion themselves as "above the rest." This is a short story as to how Seth landed himself into the Fitzgerald Mental Institution. (A prequel to the upcoming film Seth and Tia from SAH Studios)

Family Matters: The Story of Gnarly Daren by Jason Michael Hiaeshutter

Being the less successful twin brother of a 2 bit crime boss can be difficult. Especially when you have a temper like Gnarly Daren. Daren does whatever it takes to outshine his brother, but in the end it causes a family tragedy and ultimately buys Daren a one way ticket to Fitzgerald Mental Institution. (A prequel to the upcoming film Seth and Tia from SAH Studios)

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L'Enfant Terrible - Short Story

By Jason Michael Hiaeshutter

Dr. Jean-Luc Veilleux (Jon to his friends) starts his day with his typical routine until he starts receiving overwhelming feelings of deja vu. Before he knows it, he is caught in the middle of an ancient feud among an alien race of time travelers who call themselves The Watchers. Now Jon has a decision to make, go back to his hum drum life as an archeologist, or stay with his Watcher, who claims to be attempting to save the world.

L'Enfant Terrible is a science fiction short story with a classic feel. You can download L'Enfant Terrible to your Amazon Kindle or iPod Touch, here.

TEXT ME - Short Story

By Jason Michael Hiaeshutter

As a young college student, Clayton slowly builds up the courage to hire a lady of the evening. However, mere seconds before closing the deal he receives a text message warning him to get outta dodge. Later, Clayton discovers that he narrowly missed being busted by a police sting operation. Now, Clayton's mysterious new text buddy sends him another message, "You owe us!"

Follow Clayton as he becomes a slave to this unknown texter who orders him to commit some of the most heinous crimes imaginable.

Text Me is available on Amazon Kindle and iPod Touch, here.

Text ME has been made into a short film. You can watch the film in its entirety here.

A Rebel Reunion - Short Story

By Jason Michael Hiaeshutter

Riktuu has long since retired from SI:7, but when a terrible occurence at Blue Sky Logging Camp leads to the kidnapping of his goddaughter, Riktuu springs into action. Recruiting the remaining members of his defunct SI:7 team, the Rebels embark on one final mission.

World of Warcraft fans should check out this short piece of fan fiction. It's a great read and is absolutely free. Read it here.

***NOTE: A REBEL REUNION IS MEANT AS FAN FICTION ONLY, and as such is not intended for commercial distribution***

Hard copies of all short stories are available (for free) by request, email us if interested. Also remember you CAN NOT view a story in Kindle format without a Kindle device, iPhone, or iPod Touch. Purchase a Kindle device here or iPod devices here.

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